The Pie Shoppe: A Short Film

We are stoked to announce the first installment in our video series entitled, “The Making of The Pie Shoppe.”

The accomplished filmmaker Zack Lazarus explores the infancy of The Pie Shoppe in historical Chinatown, Vancouver. For months, he has helped us to tell the story of our 300 square foot Pie Shoppe, shedding light on what went on behind the scenes in the making of the space. For this project, Zack turns the camera inward to distill the essence of what it meant to be a part of the making of “The Pie Shoppe” and of our family.

Zack has been a long-time film maker in Vancouver: traveling around British Columbia since the early 2000’s, shooting films on pristine digital images with gritty and textural stop motion, documentaries and short films. His work is not only easy on the eyes but captures the living, breathing spirit behind the handmade and the surrounding communities. We both feel lucky to work with him and look forward to future collaborations to come.



Andrea French- Owner & Pie Maker

Stephanie French - Owner & Coffee Roasters


Zack LazarusProducer, Director, & Editor

Michele Guimond- Social Media & Branding

Oilver Li- Industrial Designer

Neu Mannas / - Music

John Diemer- Post Audio

Logan Gilday- OGA Design

The House of Doors- Wood Shop

Extraordinary League Contracting- Wood Source

Jon Mepham- Pure Genius 

Diane Espiritu- Ceramic Cones

Pat Christie- Wood benches & Pour Over Bar


Le Marche St. George- Cupping & Support

Benjamin McLaughlin- Unconditional Love & Support

Petra Mohring- Ceramics

Bethany Scott- Ceramics

Tamara Skubovius- Art

Mark Illing- Art

Matthew Christie- Pure Muscle 

Pauline Garcia- Costumes

Major Supporters

Canadian Youth Business Federation

YMCA- Youth Means Business