Introducing the smallest pie shop in Vancouver

As the winter nights drew in and the summer markets dried up, owner and founder of Panoramic Coffee Roasters Stephanie French needed a new home for her the specialty coffee roasting company started in early spring of 2012. And what goes better with coffee than pie? Teaming up with sister Andrea the two decided to start The Pie Shoppe: a place for customers to buy fresh beans and taste in season, organic and fairly traded coffee with a slice of homemade pie. After finalizing the idea the small batch roasting operation was moved from its rooftop home in Kitsilano to Chinatown and in a whole 9 days the shop was planned, designed and constructed all in 300 square feet!

Why Chinatown? The French sisters wanted to join the other creative projects in the community like Harvest, 221a / 222, Project Space and The Parker (who stalk Panoramic`s beans). Having skillful creative neighbors (with power tools) proved extremely useful when trying to put together a shop in 9 days.  Thanks neighbors! There is not much in the shop but pies, coffee, a record player, the French Sisters father`s collection of vinyl and some cool art from artist friends (let us know if you would like to contribute). 

Having worked in Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver over the last ten years making art, pastry and savories for all sorts of amazing people it seemed a logical next step to continue in the micro entrepreneur spirit. No borrowing from banks and no begging from friends.  It was time to venture out on their own and make something special from the skills they have collected from all kinds of mentors.  

The goal is to make something simple that people want while using the incredibly bounty of local fruit available in BC, quality grains and promote a sharing (maybe longing) for a nostalgic experience- Pie & Coffee.

Alternating pie flavours are available over the weeks and will swap up as the seasons change. The classics will stay on the menu - Apple and Chocolate Pecan. The shop is not an expresso bar. There is only hand drip coffee with the Pour Over method and Aeropress.

A set number of pies are made each day and the shop stays open until we sell out. The Pie Shoppe will be open 11 am from Tuesday to Sunday.