Independent Residency in the little Pie shoppe offers you the ability to delve into your work as a solitary retreat, as well as the option to engage within the larger Vancouver food culture and community. 

The unique kitchen and retail space was designed by us originally as a pie making facility and business. The space provides the perfect setting for an individual and collective from a wide variety of culinary styles to create new food. This space contributes significantly to Vancouver’s cultural landscape and food scene, throughout the lower mainland, and British Columbia.

The Opportunity

The space provides all the amenities necessary for you to immerse yourself completely in a food and retail business. Each opportunity is distinctly different, as each participant brings ones own experiences and ambition to the table.  The space appeals to a wide variety of disciplines, the space is large enough to accommodate collaborative projects.


Food Safe Level 1

Marketing- a Social Media presence in place. Either an active blog, website, facebook page, instagram, twitter. 

Please send your inquiries and one page business proposal to

As each project is different please contact for pricing.

Please include: Contact information | Dates + Times  |  Menu | Pricing | Social Media | Experience | Goals

The Space

 Retail component- lots of shelving

Work Stations | Lighting | Wifi | Electricity 

Garbage | Hop Compost | 16 seat capacity

Stereo  + Speakers | Single Occupancy Bathroom 

Although the space is equipped with a kitchen, proposals with high amounts of grease laden vapors will be less likely accepted.

Each residency is unique so please contact us to find out what we can assist you with.


The Kitchen

Equipment +  Tools

Lrg Convectional Oven | Two Glass Display Fridges | Double Compartment Sink | Mop Sink | Hand Sink | One Small Chest Freezer | One Lrg Chest Freezer | Two Tall Rack Rolls | 

Although the space is equipped with a kitchen, residency proposals with high amounts of grease laden vapours will not be accepted due to VCH regulations.

 Other: Chinatown Amenities | Press + Marketing | Resources | Community Support |